• Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Oxygen transferring

  • The aerator membrane has a very long lifecycle. In Austria there are some plants with more than 20 years in operation (without membrane removal).
  • There are no moving parts in the aerator mechanical structure. Removal of the aerators from the aeration basins for maintenance is not necessary.
  • The efficiency (oxygen yield) of the strip aerators is significantly higher than other aeration systems. Because of reduction of power costs the investment costs are completely amortised after a few years (average 3-6 years).
  • The planning, fabrication and the distribution are according to highest quality level and meet the high standards of ISO9001.
  • The aerators are directly mounted on the floor respectively near to it when there is a slope in order to avoid the sediments under the aerators.
  • Complete exploitation of the water depth: best solutions at basins with low water level
  • Less flow resistance in tanks with mixers.
  • Production in Austria - special demands will always be considered.
  • Because of variable air distribution systems and variable length of the aerators from 1,0m to 4,0m with 50cm steps our system can be easily adjusted to all basin dimensions.